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Kruger National Park and other Popular South Africa Game Reserves - South African Travel Corp.
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Dear Tourism Colleague,

Kruger National Park and other Popular South Africa Game Reserves

Lion at Kruger Park Kruger National Park is the largest of the South Africa game reserves. Although not the oldest reserve in the country, it recently celebrated 100 years of existence. It was president Paul Kruger, who initiated the project and also gave the government owned reserve his name. The area that was initially reserved for protection of fauna and flora was only a fraction of what Kruger National Park covers today. Mosquitoes and tsetse flies made it impossible for people to settle in the area, as both people and cattle died from disease and the rivers contained bilharzias. Despite these circumstances most of the wildlife in the area had been hunted down. The wild had been reduced almost to the point of extinction for many species. Paul Kruger's intention was to make sure there was enough wildlife to hunt. He could not have imagined future generations' exciting photo safaris.

Leopard at Kruger Park Major James Stephenson-Hamilton was the man that President Kruger chose as warden for the new wildlife reserve and with his personality, his devotion and interest for the well-being of the animals, Stephenson-Hamilton is the man to thank for this heritage. The Kruger National Park was extended and developed in several different stages during his lifetime. Both inside and outside the Park are many private game reserves and several of them have removed the fences for the animals to be able to roam free on large areas. Today the Kruger National Park is a South Africa game reserve transcendin even international boundaries with the removal of fences between South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe to form the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park.

Zebra and foal at Hluhluwe Hluhluwe-Imfolozi (earlier Umfolozi) Game Reserve in KwaZulu-Natal is the oldest sanctuary for wildlife in South Africa and was established in 1897. Nowadays there are quite a number of private game reserves in the neighbourhood but inside the park all accommodation is serviced by the parks board. Hluhluwe is a South Africa game reserve consisting of rolling hills and thick forested areas, while Imfolozi is more open and flatter. Several rivers run through the reserves which are surrounded by green rolling hills, traditional Zulu villages and farms and the smiling, friendly Zulu people. No malaria.

Hippos at St Lucia Less than an hour's drive away, by the Indian Ocean, lies The Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, proclaimed a World Heritage Site and established to protect the wetlands and the river mouth. Take a boat trip, meet hippos and crocodiles eye to eye and get close to many interesting and unusual waders and eagles.

The Amphitheatre, Drakensberg There are several big South Africa game reserves and National Parks in the Drakensberg Mountains. Experience the pleasure of hiking or horse riding in these majestic mountains. You will not look for the BIG 5, but for baboons, antelopes, birds and the magnificent flora. Do not miss out on the rock paintings, left by the bushmen, who lived in the area.

Elephants at Addo Elephant Park Addo Elephant Park, in the Eastern Cape now hosts the BIG 5. If you want to be certain (99,99%) to see elephant, this is the place to go. You must not forget to look for the small things though. If there is elephant, there are dung beetles. Take a close look at these little creatures and have a good laugh. No malaria.

Spring flowers Cape Peninsula National Park is where you will find The Cape of Good Hope and Cape Point. Another name for Cape Point is The Cape of Storms. It is a massive rock of granite, stretching far into the sea, and in turbulent waters like these there have been sightings of the Flying Dutchman. The reserve holds quite a lot of wildlife, baboon, ostrich, different antelope species, snakes, dassies, lizards and birds. The flora consists of coastal fynbos, (also World Heritage) which splendour is at its best August-December, when the proteas flower. During this time there are also thousands of whales in the sea, migrating to our waters to mate and give birth. You can even see them from the shore.

For an opportunity to experience one or more of our wonderful South African game reserves and national parks such as the Kruger National Park, contact us at

Table Mountain Remember that each day is a rare gift. Enjoy it and use it wisely!


P.S. Thank you Dennis of Owenoak, USA for your wonderful feedback.

Hot Stuff!

Three white lion cubs were born at Sanbona on 18 May 2004, in the Westen Cape. A white lion pair has been at Sanbona since 2003, but due to contact with humans, cannot be released into the wild. However, the cubs will not be humanised and under expert supervision, will be released at Sanbona. These are the first white lions to have been "born free" for many decades! The White Lion Trust has sent another white lioness and her three cubs to join the existing pride at Sanbona.

Contrary to popular belief, white lions are not albinos, but a recessive gene, which shows particularly in eye colour and lip colour. According to African Mythology, white lions are messengers of the Gods, a symbol of the good found in all creatures!

John Travolta and his family stayed at one of our up-market game reserves in May, and delighted staff with a dance from his Saturday Night Fever days!!

More celebrities are flocking to Cape Town. Nicolas Cage will play a Russian arms dealer in Lord of War and Sean Penn and his wife Robin Wright-Penn will star in The Last Face, which will also be shot in Cape Town, where the winter weather is hot, no wind, clear blue skies and sunshine.

Whale Tail And then even more exciting, you can join me on my local beach, where I saw three mating groups of Southern Right Whales, while walking the dogs at the weekend. Just imagine: a beach full of people and dogs, the breakers full of surfers, the whales mating and the sailing regatta further out at sea.

Be good to yourself,

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